FleetEngine Demo

There are 33 jobs, each with a service time of 20 minutes.
There are 3 depots, each with 1 truck, doing a round-trip in a day.
A truck is able to visit no more than 15 jobs on a route.

Target is to plan routes, which visit as many jobs as possible within the available time.

You can modify:
1) Location of jobs (drag them on the map)
2) Location of depots (drag them on the map)
3) Length of work day for each truck (drag sliders)

The demo only uses a small subset of the FleetEngine features.

> > Run demo < <

Click the start-button and follow how the routes are updated on the map,
as better solutions are found. After 1 minute you will usually see no more
improvements and you can click the stop-button.
If you don't stop, it will automatically do so after 5 minutes.

Unassigned jobs are highlighted in red.

Technology used:

FleetEngine 1.13
GeoServer 2.3.2
OpenLayers 2.13
Windows Server 2022 / IIS 10.0